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Below are monthly tips to keep your thumbs green all summer long. Click on a tip to view more information, then check back every month to learn more!

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Pruning Schedule

Pruning not only helps your garden look good, but it is also essential for the healthy growth and flowering of your plants. Other reasons for this important gardening skill include deadwood removal, shaping to control or direct growth, minimizing the…

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How to Plant Bulbs

At Sunnyside Gardens, the vast majority of the bulb plantings we do are completed in the fall in order to have spring flowers. We most commonly plant tulips, daffodils, crocus, alliums, and hyacinth. Learn more about when and where to…

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How and When to Divide Perennials

You’ve probably heard that you should divide your perennials, but do you know why? There are actually many reasons for this common gardening practice, which include: Protecting them from fungal diseases or insect infestation. Keeping them healthy. Maintaining their area.…

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What is a Fall Clean-up?

A fall clean-up is an important part of maintaining a healthy garden. Fall clean-ups help to prevent pests and diseases from overwintering in the garden. Use our fall clean-up checklist to make sure your garden is in the best shape…

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What is a Spring Clean-up?

Clean up your garden and get ready to start growing! The purpose of a spring clean-up is to prepare the garden for the upcoming growing season. Use our spring clean-up checklist to make sure your garden is healthy, maintained, and…

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Garden Maintenance Schedule

Do you strive to have the perfect garden year round? Our garden maintenance schedule can help you do just that! Use our calendar and gardening resources to keep you on track with important garden maintenance tasks that you should be…

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